In this month's edition of BOSL (Best of SL Magazine) a talented real life and SL artist makes his mark. 
M4SK22 Melody pictured at Lumeria Art Gallery. Photo by Morgana Nagorski for BOSL Magazine.
Known as M4SK22 Melody in SL, David Moss is an artist, writer and musician in his first life. Active in the SL art domain, David's current focus is machinima, including works created to span the two worlds' boundaries by featuring his 1st life band. Additionally, he's the owner of the Lumeria Art Gallery where up and coming artists' works hang proudly beside those of well known artists. The gallery is based firmly on the principle that there's no pecking order, hierarchies or discrimination. 

For more about this interesting and engaging SL entity, click the BOSL link below. The magazine contains even more arty news, so you may find yourself reading this article and beyond - I know I did! 

BOSL Magazine, January 2013: Page 218  
Article Author: Pindar Kanya  
Photographer: Morgana Nagorski


17/07/2013 12:45am

I am really impressed to know about David Moss! I wonder why I didn’t hear previously about such a multi-talented personality! If you share some of his greatest works with us it would be really useful! Thanks!

01/08/2013 9:48am

My greatest works are unknown, they reside in a place only accessible by imaginary spacecraft, and when you get to that place there are 46 chambers of enlightenment before you reach the plateau of wrong, there you will have to ascend the tower of misery and battle your alter ego, Bernard, and if successful, then you'll be reborn as a gas, and, probably, glimpse my greatest works, but they shall never be known.

05/09/2013 11:21pm

Good read


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