Not quite what I expected ... it was even better!

Петро́вский флюс (a Petrovsky flux)

I decided to visit 'A Petrovski Flux' after seeing an artistic, psychedelic photo of it by JJ Coronet posted on Google+. (Let's face it, colourful shots look great in blog posts.) When I arrived there was little time to take in my surroundings because I had to duck and weave to avoid being struck by bouncy, pink armchairs. Sheesh, they were on springs! 

When out of harms way I cammed around. I found myself on the edge of a massive, weird space station structure. The designers recommended 'Bristol' wind light settings, so the colours I saw were mainly industrial greys, greens and browns. JJ Coronet had obviously had lots of fun with his viewer settings or in photoshop to create his picture - so much for my fluro-photo plans. Still, the muted pallet suited this strange organic-mechanical build and it looked like an incredible place. I could hardly wait to explore...
A petrovski flux, sl art exposed, second life, spencer museum of art, 3D art, virtual art
A Petrovski Flux - strange, interesting and fun!
There was a sign close by. I've learned it's always wise to click signs when arriving somewhere like this. CLICK! I'm given a note card and a Noggin Protector to wear (noggin is slang for 'head'). I tried to read the note card first. It provided a tongue-in-cheek explanation of the installation but was filled with terms like 'lacunae' and 'hyperbolic partial differential'. I went cross-eyed trying to make sense of it but, if scientific, you might find it easier reading. [Publication edit: Cutea Benelli has since informed me that the science jargon is all artistic blah, blah, blah. And here I was thinking I needed remedial science classes. Duh!]

What I did glean was that 'flux' (in my own words), "makes things break, move and fall-down-go-boom". Ahh! So that's why there's a Noggin Protector. I put it on without further hesitation and what a fashion statement it turned out to be! It oozed refinement and understated elegance and, as an added bonus, the note card promised it would make me look smarter. What do you think? 
A petrovski flux, sl art exposed, second life, spencer museum of art, 3D art, virtual art
I'm modelling the elegant 'Noggin Protector'. Note the flying chair behind me. With this hat on I was impervious to its onslaught. Whew!

So what's it all about?

How on earth can I describe this unearthly build for you? Perhaps I'll start by borrowing some of the descriptive text provided by the Spencer Museum of Art, University of Kansas that kindly hosts the space for this installation...  

'a Petrovsky flux' is a cluster of devices that grow, assembling themselves from modular units, only to blow apart and rebuild themselves. Each time they rebuild differently so the overall flux is, as the name implies, constantly changing...You are thoroughly encouraged to click things, poke stuff and try to sit on items. Some of them just might even take you inside the architecture..." 
A petrovski flux, sl art exposed, second life, spencer museum of art, 3D art, virtual art
Shortly after I took this photo, many of the modules you see in the sky broke apart and cascaded downward!
It's all very dynamic and interactive. One minute there's a space module above me, the next it has shattered into pieces and giant components are tumbling to the ground (thank goodness for my trusty Noggin Protector!) Odd flying forms of transportation - like sheep with propellers - also zip past frequently. If you're an adventurous type you can sit on one of these to go wherever it decides to take you. 
A petrovski flux, sl art exposed, second life, spencer museum of art, 3D art, virtual art
A vista of 'a Petrovsky flux' in all its weirdness

Allow yourself time to see and photograph it all

This is a photographer's dream location - there's even a special Flickr group where visitors can share their photos, and here's a link to Eupalinos Ugagin's excellent Petrovski Flux Set.

I spent about 30 to 40 minutes at 'A Petrovski Flux' and I only scraped the surface. There's so much to see and do in this ever-changing landscape ... err, both! If I were you I'd allow at least an hour to explore this installation fully or take less time and plan a return visit. Go with a friend or two so you can "oh!" and "wow!" together and see if you can find The Lost Flower; TV Mountain; Terrace Cafe and The All Ears Pavilion.

I extend my congratulations to the very clever creators, blotto Epsilon and Cutea Benelli. This is a truly marvelous, artistic destination and I'll certainly be back for more!
A petrovski flux, sl art exposed, second life, spencer museum of art, 3D art, virtual art
You can even walk through tunnels to explore the interior spaces. This pod is under water but most are high up in the heavens.


19/01/2013 12:35am

One of my favorite builds in SL :-) Some photos I took a while ago:

19/01/2013 1:46am

Gr8 pictures Eupalinos and, I agree, it's an amazing build. It's on my must-see-again list :)

Carmsie (again)
19/01/2013 1:59am

Hope it's ok with you Eupalinos - I tweeked this blog post to include a link to your excellent Flux photos :)


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