Hazardous is a wonderful, artistic location created by Dingo (Mandingo) Quan. After I plummeted from the surreal, sky based arrival point I found myself on an island with steep, craggy cliffs. There were ruins, old paths and bridges dotted around that hinted of the inhabitants that once resided there. It's a truly beautiful sim that earned a place on my must-visit-again list. I'll let the pictures below tell the story... 
Mandingo Quan, Hazardous, second life art, sl art, 3D art, virtual art, sl art exposed
The arrival point
Mandingo Quan, Hazardous, second life art, sl art, 3D art, virtual art, sl art exposed
Just one of the many beautiful scenes

I happened to be visiting Dazed and Intelechy when the artist, Seraph Kegal and others from LEA arrived to give a discussion about the build. Handy! Seraph spoke eloquently about the work, its meaning and her background. In real life she's an art student from Uruguay, South America and this installation is a student project.  
Dazed and Intelechy, Seraph Kegal, sl art, sl art exposed, virtual art, 3D art, second life art
We all wear masks in Second Life.
The inspiration for the build centres around the concept that in SL we all wear masks of one sort or another, meaning we adopt different looks and personas. Seraph was interested in whether our avatars, as masks, enable us to become new characters that are alien to our true selves, or whether the anonymity they afford release our inhibitions and allow us to become more of what we really are. Her enquiry included,"Who are we in Second Life?""Who are we on the other side of the computer?" and "How do people perceive me and each other?" 
Dazed and Intelechy, Seraph Kegal, sl art, sl art exposed, virtual art, 3D art, second life art
"Who are we in Second Life?" and "Who are we on the other side of the computer?"

My real life is busy so I planned to pop into Eupalinos Ugajin's build There is a hole in my inventory, wander around and take a few quick snaps for the blog. "It will only take a few minutes", I thought. How wrong I was! 

There was so much to see that my "few minutes" was soon 45 minutes and I still hadn't seen it all. Time slipped by because it's so extraordinary and happens to be two builds in one. 

The LEA TP took me to an installation called, You are the music while the music lasts. Eupalinos explains that this build consists of, "things found in my brain and some 'instant scenes' by Kika and Marmaduke"

I've included several photos of just part of this build below. As you'll see it's surrealistic in style, but what you can't see is that lots of stuff moves, bounces and rolls. I assure you it's amazing to explore. I haven't included a pic of the giant triangular funnel but, when you visit, try flying up to the top and jumping into the hole. 

There is a hole in my inventory, second life, eupalinos ugajin, sl art, virtual art, 3D art
There is a hole in my inventory. Photo courtesy of Eupalinos Ugajin
The second installation was called There is a hole in my inventory. It's aptly named. Eupalinos tells us it contains, "things made by others I like and that were sleeping in my inventory." Gotta love recycling! I very much appreciate the fact that Eupalinos is 'showing off' other's work that she feels has merit. Right click any object to see the designer's name.

I flew around some of the time taking snapshots and also used the green bollards to TP to various
mini-locations within the builds, such as Fido and Circus. When I turned my sounds up to the maximum I got the best effect. 

I highly recommend a visit to this build ... errr ... these builds. They are multi-levelled, packed with lots see and do and there's surprises around every corner!
You are the music while the music lasts, second life, eupalinos ugajin, sl art, virtual art, 3D art
A scene from: You are the music while the music lasts (close)

Metaverse, Daco Monday, second life, sl art, virtual art, 3D art
Just a few of the many elements that Metaverse contains.
My 12th Lea Arts Festival peek is Metaverse by the very creative Daco Monday. This fascinating, abstract build is packed with repeated, oversized elements such as clocks, picture frames and projectors.  It's a busy build - things move, transform and change colour. Please click here for more info, photos and the SLurl. Metaverse is well worth visiting! 
Metaverse, Daco Monday, second life, sl art, virtual art, 3D art
Lot's of elements are oversized. Here I am standing in an avi-sized room that's on a giant table.
Dr Moreau Seaworld, Nexuno Thespian, sl art, second life, 3D art, virtual art
Plunge into the watery depths
My avi slipped into her bikini for the 11th LEA Arts Festival 'peek' because Dr Moreau Seaworld by Nexuno Thespian is set entirely underwater. 

This beautiful build is a must-see for SL Merpeople and, even if you don't usually wear a fish tail, it's well worth a visit. 

I arrived at a central, underwater location with teleporters to four different monstery isles:
  • Shellmonster Isle
  • Squidmonster Isle
  • Crab Monster Isle, and
  • Octopusmonster Isle


Dr Moreau Seaworld, Nexuno Thespian, sl art, second life, 3D art, virtual art
Dreamy purples and blues predominate at Octopus Monster Isle.

danger in evolution, nessuno myoo, kicca igaly, sl art, second life, virtual art, 3D art
A scene from Danger in Evolution
My 10th LEA Arts Festival 'peek' is the portentous creation Danger in Evolution by Nessuno Myoo and Kicca Igaly, two well known and respected SL artists. 

This build made me feel as though I was walking through a snapshot in time, as if I had entered the future and it was was standing still for just a moment. 

Danger in Evolution has a serious, futuristic message that's supported visually by ominous elements and excellent textures. 

It's a very interesting installation that's well worth visiting, especially if you care about the future of our home, Earth. I've been there several times now. 

I wrote about Danger in Evolution in more depth in January, so please click here for the impressions of my first visit, along with additional images and the SLurl.

My 9th LEA Arts Festival 'peek' is Skydance V. This is the 5th iteration of the spectacular, multi-media, performance-art piece directed by Dancoyte Antonelli (rl artist DC Spensley). It's breath taking! 
SkyDance V, skydance 5, second life, SL art, second life art, SL performance art, 3D art, virtual art
The Suffola - an interstellar race who dance in the Heavens.
As soon as I arrived I realised this was not going to be typical a SL art event. 

The stunning 3000 metre long stage was way up in the SL heavens, with not a speck of ground in sight.  

DanCoyte, the art director, explained to me that this lofty position was deliberate.  He's a firm believer that SL artists have a great opportunity, even an obligation, to exploit the fact that there are no physical contraints (such as gravity) in our virtual environment. 

And exploit he has! The talented Zerog SkyDancers floated, twirled and flew through the performance, to the ethereal tunes created especially for the event by Josh Zamo. The choreography and music were exceptional. How they kept it all together I will never know. This production pushes the boundaries by drawing on the best features that SL offers. I've included a slide show to give you a glimmer of what you can expect to see ... 

How I came to hear this great poetry reading is a bit embarrassing really. I was showing a friend, Zigstr the very scary Danse Macabre build that I blogged a few days ago. While wandering around I was likening some of the goblin figures to my ex-bf in local chat. Then we rounded a corner only to bump into the poetry readers in the midst of their performance, along with an audience! Oooops...
Dubhna Rhiadra and Caledonia Skytower reading 'Goblin Market'
Zigstr and I ceased our cheeky local banter and joined the group. 

The poem, 'Goblin Market' was written in 1859 by Christina Rossetti. It's about two sisters and their temptation by Goblin men. Dubhna Rhiadra and Caledonia Skytower, the performers, took us on an intriguing verbal adventure. 

I thoroughly enjoyed the sounds that the words of this poem made, sometimes galloping and at other times strolling us through the tale. And tension was created by making us expect one thing yet envisage something very different, like the association between fruit and sex. The Danse Macabre build has goblin-fruity scenes too. These added yet another dimension to the overall experience. I felt as if I was 'in' the poem. 

Given I had no idea I was going to attend a poetry reading, I consider this another of SL's lucky coincidences. Zigstr really enjoyed it too. After the performance Dubhna and Caledonia took the time to explain how they worked together for the reading and some of the intricacies of the poem which was also very interesting. 

In summary, Goblin Market is a multi-layered, poetic saga with veiled (and sometimes not so veiled) sexual inferences, read with much enthusiasm and skill. Highly recommended!  
Ce N'est Pas Une Peinture, Gracie Kendall, SL art, second life, sl artist, second life art
My avi slowly tumbling and floating downwards
My 7th LEA Arts Festival 'peek' is Ce N'est Pas Une Peinture by Gracie Kendall, an artist in real life and in SL. 

I wrote about this dreamy, colourful, floaty, immersive art installation in January. 

It's so peaceful and relaxing I've since taken several friends to visit. 

Here's the link to my earlier blog that also contains the SLurl. If you missed it the last time you can catch up now. Enjoy!

My 6th LEA Arts Festival "peek" is Limina, Birth of Mecha by the very talented SL artists, Xineoph Guisse and WhatDuh Freck. What an incredible, unique and beautiful installation this is! 

I visited with a friend, Alvir. It was dark when we arrived at Limina's sky based module. There was a distinct a sci-fi-fantasy feel about the place. As instructed, we wore the special Hud and set up our SL preferences, then we walked out along a platform that jutted into the heavens. A giant, robotic bee awaited us at the end. Its wings were flapping ready to transport us to ... who knows where? It was exciting!
Limina Birth of Mecha, SL artist, Xineoph Guisse, WhatDuh Freck, sl art, second life, virtual art
Amazing right from the beginning! Here's the taxi...errr...mechanical bee that flies you to the main installation.
The bee dropped us off at a place far below. I looked around. Wow! This colourful build is so remarkable that words escape me (and that's not a terribly good thing for a blogger to have to confess ... tee hee). I even resorted to looking up 'limina' in a dictionary but, not surprisingly, it's defined as 'the threshold of a psychological response.'