The University of Western Australia (UWA) runs a monthy 3D art challenge, curated by the ever diligent Freewee Ling. The challenges attract entries from a wide range of SL artists, both established and up-and-coming. They are lots of fun and i'm always astounded by the artists' creativity and the array of styles and ideas.

This month the topic is Triptych. "What on earth is a triptych?", I hear you ask. I found quite a few definitions online, most referring to 3 panels or framed artworks that are hinged together. As it's a 3D challenge, making art for flat panels or frames seemed a bit limiting (even if I could find 1 prim hinges somewhere) so i kept looking. Eventually I located a description on Google that made 3D sense to me - Triptych: a set of three associated artistic, literary or musical works intended to be appreciated together. Not even the mention of a frame, a panel or a hinge and lots of scope to be inventive. Whew! 

I decided to start building ... 

Below are a couple recent Triptych submissions. To see these and many more in world click here. And yes, I do have an entry - two in fact. One of them is a direct response to the 'framed' definition noted above. However you'll need to visit UWA to see them :) Feel free to explore and vote for your faves while you are there! 
The Artist's Studio by Krystali Robeni
Three Wise Maidens by Dusty Canning
SL Art Article (page 44) in The Best of SL eZine.
The Best of SL (eZine)
The April 2012 issue contains a great article titled, 'State of the Arts' (page 44). It shines a light on art in SL today, along with some of the challenges artists are facing. 

Hi and welcome to SLAE!  This is a new weblog designed to showcase high quality, interesting Second Life artworks. Although in its infancy SLAE features the visual arts, including:
  • 2D and 3D artworks from Second Life  
  • Machinima
  • In world art locations that you can visit and explore, along with
  • Other Second Life art-related sites and articles. 
Special thanks to New World Notes for the site intro. I hope you enjoy SL Art Exposed - take a look and feel free to post a comment :) 

YOUR ideas and suggestions are very welcome!
This is just the beginning. I'll be adding stuff regularly and thought it would be a great to get input from SL residents. After all, you're out there exploring SL and surfing the net so you may know of great places, artists or art I have never come across! I'd love to include things you suggest such as images and/or locations of:
  • exceptional 3D builds and interactive/immersive art
  • great 2D artworks or snapshots
  • quality exhibitions, art galleries and museums
  • SL art links (blogs, articles, web sites, etc)
  • artists
  • anything else you feel should be show cased
... you get the drift ... anything arty and great quality. And don't be shy - if you'd like your own work considered for inclusion just let me know. All artists, owners (and you) will be fully credited on the site.  Simply leave details in the comment box or, if contacting me in world, kindly send a Note Card as I am frequently capped. 

Carmsie :)