Lumiya cell phone screen shot - in world view
Lumiya is an app for Andriod phone owners who are desperate for 24/7 access to Second Life. Unfortunately I'm one of the minority with a Windows phone so I haven't been able to check this out, but the reviews on Google Play are all very positive.  

What users are saying
  • "I couldn't believe that it was possible to access SL on my mobile phone. The view looks good and, though it takes a little while to get the hang of it, I managed to do everything I wanted to. Complicated stuff like building and scripting I'll do with the viewer but this is excellent for everything else I want to do. Awesome app!"    (Robert Simpson)
  • "Works great on phone and tablet. i use it all the time ... there are regular updates. glad to see LL is now learning what could be done for android users. bet they're sorry they didnt do it." (AGU)
  • "I really like this viewer. There was only one, flat charge and then I was all good to go. I am able to do everything it says in the description from teleporting to changing my avatar's appearance ... I give it a full five stars..."   (Colby Autrey)

You can do lots with Lumiya on your phone!

While not yet a replacement for a desktop viewer, Lumiya includes a truck load of features!
IM and chat
  • Local chat
  • Private IMs
  • Send and receive teleport requests
  • Send and accept friend invitations
  • Send and receive L$s
  • Group conversations and notices
Inventory management
  • Inventory browsing
  • Use landmarks
  • Copy, remove and delete assets
  • Share items
  • Accept inventory offers
  • Create and edit notecards
  • Support for attachments in notecards
  • View images from inventory
Interaction with objects
  • Touch and sit on objects
  • Pay L$ via objects
3D view
  • Sculpted objects
  • Mesh objects and clothing
  • Avatars and avatar animations
  • Interacting with objects by touch
  • HUDs
Avatar outfit control
  • Wear and remove clothes and attachments
  • Use 'My Outfits'
  • Avatar texture baking
  • Ready for server-side baking
  • Region minimap
  • Region restart for land owners
  • Chat and IM logging
  • Playing parcel sound streams
  • RLV functions (RLV API 1.10)

Do you use Lumiya? What do you think of it ... ?

More info and downloads

The App costs approximately $3 US. Click here to go to Lumiya's web site for more information, screen shots and the download options.  


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