Up, up and away!

SkyDance V by DanCoyote Antonelli
This is an amazing 1 hour event - perhaps a spectacular is a better description. Guaranteed to stretch your imagination, SkyDance Five is a story about an interstellar people whose bliss it is to dance forever in the depths of space...but drama ensues! 

As the name implies this is the 5th iteration the critically acclaimed SkyDance series. This year it includes:
  • beautiful new in-flight choreography by the Zerog SkyDancers
  • full story narration
  • incredible flowing props, and 
  • original music by Josh Zamo. 

If that's not enough, the entire show is presented on a three-kilometer (3000m) stage in the SL heavens. Highly interactive, the audience even determines how the story will end.

A scene from SkyDance V
I spoke with the Artistic Director DanCoyte Antonelli (rl USA artist DC Spensley) and, I assure you, he's not backward about coming forward. DanCoyte has some strong views about SL art and one of his recurring themes is the belief that SL artists have a great opportunity to exploit the absence of earthly physics. That's one of the key reasons SkyDance V is presented way above our virtual terra firma. SL's lack of gravity is integral to the work and the grace of the entire performance. 

Booking details

Seats are limited for this event, so get in quick!
  • Dates and times: Opens 30th Jan 7pm. Shows are 7 to 8pm SLT every Wedneday until 27 March
  • Bookings: Bookings are essential - IM Skybank Alter in world or email skybank@dancoyote.com
  • In world location: Details about the location are provided when you book
  • Donations: To help support the artists the suggested ticket donation is $3 USD (1000 L$) per person, but sliding scale donations are appreciated.

12/08/2013 3:07am

From the reviews I got regarding the event I can say that not even the word ‘spectacular’ is enough to describe it! All the reviews on sky Dance V was like that! Thanks for providing this opportunity! All the best for your efforts!

03/09/2013 7:16am

Google linked me to this page, nice reading


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