Ce n'est pas une peinture (English interpretation 'This is not a painting') is a relaxing, fun and beautiful art installation. Gracie Kendall (US artist Kristine Schomaker in 1st Life) has cleverly re-purposed her RL abstract paintings and mixed media work by texturing scores of curvy prim shapes with them. The result is an amazing, immersive 3D experience for us all to enjoy. 

Hop on the ball next to the cake at the arrival point to be spirited away. Your avi will be taken on a tour, gently floating and tumbling through a sea of shapes, vivid colors and patterns. The images below don't do this artwork justice. You need to experience it yourself - it's mesmerizing!  Gracie also gives you free skins based on her art. 

For the best view of Ce n'est pas une peinture go to preferences>graphics, turn your water reflections on and also set your draw distance to at least 256. 
Ce n'est pas une peinture, gracie kendall, sl art exposed, 3D sl art
Look at me! Weeeeee!

02/08/2013 12:46am

This kind of work is very much significant in today’s life style! Everyone is under lots of pressure and this kind of funny painting can really relax their nerves! I appreciate you for coming with such excellent ideas! All the best for your efforts!


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