Grab your SL diaries and pencil in these immersive art exhibits - both opening in January 2013! They can also be found on our SL Art Exhibit Schedule

Imogen and the Pigeons by Bryn Oh

We all get excited when the ever talented Bryn Oh launches a new installation and, yep, it's almost time for another. Yay! Here's a trailer (aka teaser) of Bryn's latest work titled, 'Imogen and the pigeons'. The story is told via poetry and is complimented by wonderful music by Vera Lynn. 

Bryn's real life background as an oil painter is evident in the subdued pallets of soft blues, sandy earth tones and more. And, as with all Bryn's creations, it's packed with fabulous characters. 

Allow time to explore 'Imogen and the pigeons' in depth and be prepared for your avi (and you) to be astounded!

Opening: 13 January 2013
In world Location:

Danger in Evolution by Nessuno Myoo & Kicca Igaly 

Teleport from station to station to experience this new installation that raises important questions about technological advances in relation to our social values.

'Danger in Evolution' is an interactive build that explores the contradiction that is at the heart of any technological and scientific evolution. The artists, Nessuno and Kicca assert that, "Without growth, maturity and an awareness of value there are potential risks to everyone's lives - especially when the interests of economic, social or religious interests come into play." 

To get the best effect, remember to set your preferences to those the artists recommend when you arrive. This one is really going to make you think - enjoy!

Opening: 10 Jan at 2pm (SLT)
In world location:

What's next?

I'm happy to advise it's a busy month; there are several more quality art openings coming up. I'll blog about them all in advance, so check back in or use the RSS feeder (top right) to keep yourself informed. 

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