Unified Heart, brain child of the very talented SL artist, curator and Cohen fan - Morgana Nagorski, is an exhibition featuring 2D artworks inspired by Leonard Cohen lyrics. 

Last year's Unified Heart exhibition absolutely WOWED the SL art community, attracting around 1000 visitors to the Palais Orleans Gallery Complex (since remodeled and even better!)

This year the exhibition will include the works of 21 quality SL artists - yes I did say 21! The artists must meet certain requirements:  
  • the art must be based on the lyrics of a Leonard Cohen song (artist's choice)
  • the works must be new and made specifically for the show 
  • all images must be primarily Second Life based and especially any figures used must be Second Life avatars, and
  • artists must not show the work elsewhere until the exhibition closes. 
Many SL artists enjoyed last year's experience so much they are returning with new artworks to impress us with. 

Several additional artists participating this year were either invited by Morgana or banged on her IM door pleading to be involved. The range of styles will be amazing. 

Unified Heart 2013 is a high quality art exhibition, unique to Second Life, and should not be missed!

When? From 26 January to 21 April 2013


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