My space suit, worn to protect me from the toxic air.
Dreams in Space (Imagination) is colourful, themed 3D Installation by Barry Richez. If you're into space travel, this destination will get your rockets firing! It contains lots to see and do. 

When you arrive grab a free space suit to protect you from the nasty, toxic gases in the air. (Buy for L$0, rez the box, save the contents to inventory and wear each item.)

There's also a note card giver that outlines the story in a number of different languages. 

Only a few humans have survived

The entrance to the pyramid, with one of the bio-domes in the distance.
Here's the gist of the story ... there's been a chemical disaster on Earth and, using a cargo spaceship, a few humans have managed to escape just in time. They are the sole survivors. 

Settling in the galaxy Centaurus, the survivors eventually discover a pyramid back on planet Earth that still contains fresh water and air. Hope for their return to Earth is renewed! 

After much experimentation, Professor Ama Avro (one of the survivors and an eminent scientist) has managed to recreate trees, flowers, vegetables and even animals in "biobulles" (bio-domes) on Earth's damaged surface. 

Perhaps they can resettle the planet? 

Follow the wooden path... 

When you arrive at Dreams in Space, follow the wooden path that guides you through the bleak, unhealthy Earth landscape. It's sad to see Earth like this except that it's dotted with several of Professor Ama Avro's wonderful bio-domes. These renew hope. 

The path leads you to the entrance of the pyramid in which you'll find the only fresh water remaining on Earth. You'll also discover a teleporter there that helps you explore many different parts of the strange and amazing Galaxy Centaurus. You might even see an alien or two. Have fun! 
"A teleporter helps you explore many different parts of the strange and amazing Galaxy Centaurus."

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