It's hot and oh so arty!

I'd heard Dryland, the art sim of Anita Witt, was amazing so today I decided to check it out for myself. I arrived on a weather-worn deck wearing winter clothes but my poor avi was sweltering within no time. It was hot! 

Looking around I realised I was in the middle of a barren lake bed with hulks of old rusted ships   scattered throughout the dunes. A decayed warehouse, now used as an art gallery, stood in front of me. A helpful notecard offered upon arrival explained that Dryland's landscape was inspired by the giant dried out Aral Sea in Kazakhstan Uzbekistan, sadly a man-made disaster.

So, what's there to see?

Anita exhibits her own art and photography at Dryland and also invites artists to display their work. The exhibitions are changed regularly so when you visit remember to grab a landmark - it's a destination worth returning to. 

One of the first 'guest' artworks to catch my eye was 'Woops a Baby' by Pallina60 Loon. The carnival atmosphere of this build should have felt incongrous in the parched setting, but somehow it looked as if it had emerged from the cracked earth and truly belonged there. 
Woops a Baby by Pallina60 Loon. 3D Art in Second Life
Woops a Baby by Pallina60 Loon.
At the time of my visit, the wonderfully dilapidated warehouse-gallery was hosting an exhibition featuring four of Anita's favorite SL photographers. They'd been asked to present their vision of her creation. The photographers Melusina Parkin, Ziki Questi, Marlen Slazar and William Weaver, each excelled in their own unique and distinctive style. There were other quality exhibits at Drylands as well but, being the tease that I am, i'll let you discover these for yourself... 

It was an interesting, fun visit and the artworks, many quite quirky, were of a high standard. I extend my congratulations to Anita; Dryland is a must-see destination for any SL art lover. 
Dryland Art Gallery and Sim by Anita Witt in Second Life

02/01/2013 3:50am

Aw, Carmsie... your words make me feel even much honored for being there with my pics. Anita's SIM is a so amazing and inspiring place, and your visit's report does catch its spirit at its best :)
I hope many visitors will be encouraged to enjoy this unique atmosphere, due to the work of a sharp and sensitive mind :))

02/01/2013 7:02am

Thanks for visiting! It's great to see a blog dedicated to SL art.

02/01/2013 3:25pm

Thank you very much for visiting and writing this nice blogpost about my sim :)


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