I dropped by Galería Méxoc to take a peek at FirleFanz Roxley's new art exhibition. I had not been to this gallery before, nor had i seen FirleFanz work. I was pleasantly surprised on both counts. The bulk of FirleFanz's exhibition, consisting of RL photos, digital pictures and SL art, was on one level and there were 2 further animated pieces on the floor below. 
Step into the Dream
When I first took in the works displayed on walls and the floor I thought they were by several different artists, but closer inspection proved otherwise. There were colourful patterned digital images juxtaposed against some surrealist works and landscapes - all by FirlFanz. It was certainly a surprising mix! 

One series of her artworks centred around a 'dream' theme. The hot avi in the picture (left) is yours truly standing on 3D ramp that FirleFanz had integrated into her 2D work aptly titled, 'Step into the Dream'.  

Nightmares and Dreams
I was drawn to 'Nightmares and Dreams' (right), and even moreso when I read the associated note card. Here's a snippet of the content; it poses some interesting questions, "...realitiy is real and virtual reality is not. In virtual reality we can fly, we survive falling down from heaven, we have supernatural power. 

But what about real dreams? Are they real? For a certain time we step into the world of dreams and it has its own law of nature. We can fly, we can survive falling down from heaven, we have supernatural power. Is that real? The dream is real - you can see a person dreaming by analysing EEG waves. So if the dreaming is real, is the dream real, too? ..."

The Exhibit
The picture to the left shows just a few of the colourful digital artworks and, central to the exhibit, was the fun addition of a giant tube of paint. 

If you'd like to see the many styles of FirleFanz's work in world, simply use the gallery link below.  (These artworks are for sale.)

While I was at Galería Méxoc, I decided to explore further. After all, art galleries are my idea of heaven. It turned out to be quite a large Aztec inspired building, spanning several levels. A wide range of artist's works were exhibited, both 2D and sculptures. I spied some interesting pieces that I'll return to look at in more detail another time. 


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