I was awe struck when I arrived at Forgotten City, created by the very talented Jenne Dibou. This unique, sim-sized build contains steam punk elements that somehow sit comfortably next to columns and arches that appear to have time traveled from ancient Rome...Greece...Venice...wherever! 

Built on a number of different levels it's very detailed and intricate. In fact there was so much to see a friend and I hopped into a handy blimp for a tour. This helped orient us to the overall layout but there was still so much to see. In my wanderings through the labyrinth of buildings I came across a very weird bar and properties for rent. Yes, you can even live here!  
Forgotten City, Second Life, Jenne Dibou, SL Art Exposed
Forgotten City by Jenne Dibou

It looks great and it's fun too!

  • Ski jump at a winter park
  • Shooting gallery 
  • Tabletop games 
  • Shopping 


  • Hunt aliens!
  • A racetrack that gives you cars
  • Boating
  • Circus at 8PM SL time. 
I'm sure there are many other secrets hidden behind doors in this extraordinary township. I'll definitely return to explore Forgotten City further. Many thanks to Bryn Oh for the LM to this architectural gem. 
Steam punk meets Ancient Rome at Forgotten City

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