I attended the opening of the Unified Heart 2013 exhibition at the Palais Orleans Gallery Complex today. 

This is the second iteration of this very popular art show so the gallery was, as expected, packed with avi's. 

It was a glamorous affair with many artists and guests donning their best gowns and fashionista attire. 

Art shown: In My Secret Life by Petra Messioptra
This year 21 artists participated and their artworks, all based Leonard Cohen songs, are exceptional. The artist's chosen lyrics have been positioned next to each piece so you can match the words with the artist's interpretation. 

It's an interesting and clever thematic approach. It gives the pieces a voice - literally Leonard Cohen's voice - and results in a powerful visual impact. 

Although we labored under the weight of some serious lag (thanks for that LL), the event drew lots of "ohhh's" and "ahhh's" from all who were present. 

Say Goodbye To Alexandra by Morgana Nagorski
Among the throng I came across Sockeye Admiral, a member of SL's Leonard Cohen group (aka fan club). His response reflects that of many who attended, "Carmsie it's more than like, I love some of these paintings!"  
Personally, I found it impossible to select a favourite artwork at this exhibition. The quality of these figurative works was consistently high. 

Congratulations to Morgana Nagorski, owner of the gallery and the avi responsible for devising the theme, along with all the participating artists for producing such a thought provoking and engaging exhibition.  

If you'd like to see Unified Heart 2013 in world, the show is on display at the Palais Orleans Gallery Complex until 21 April, 2013.

Morgana Nagorski
27/01/2013 9:34pm

Thank you again Carmsie!

28/01/2013 2:19pm

most welcome. it's a gr8 exhibition


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