I am cheating a little here because I visited this installation but, as my PC is dying (get my new one in a week!), I really didn't experience it exactly as described below. However, it seems it could be amazing ... with a better PC ... and well worth a look. 

So, what's it all about?
Konnected Piano is a 3D installation which is collaboration between Metameets (NL), Aen Aenis and Marx Catteneo.  The exciting part is that by moving your real life arms you can steer your avatar through the installation. Yup, no mouse. How?  It's pretty much techy magic - when you sit on the red hemisphere that you see when you arrive, you connect to (are controlled by) RL Kinect hardware and that's what makes it work.  

To add to your experience, every "string" (pole) that’s touched during your flight makes a piano sound so make sure your wear your headset. Alternatively, vehicles can be flown with any viewer through the installation (without the Kinect hardware) to trigger the sounds. 

Konnected Piano is currently open at LEA18.  A good graphics card is recommended and you need to pay attention to the optimal viewer settings. These are clearly displayed on the base of the arrival platform.  If you experience a bad frame rate (stuttering or choppy view) it's suggested to drop the shadows first, then try reducing draw distance.

Please let me know if it works for you ... I really wanted to try this! *thumps my poor old PC a bit*

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