The University of Western Australia (UWA) runs a monthy 3D art challenge, curated by the ever diligent Freewee Ling. The challenges attract entries from a wide range of SL artists, both established and up-and-coming. They are lots of fun and i'm always astounded by the artists' creativity and the array of styles and ideas.

This month the topic is Triptych. "What on earth is a triptych?", I hear you ask. I found quite a few definitions online, most referring to 3 panels or framed artworks that are hinged together. As it's a 3D challenge, making art for flat panels or frames seemed a bit limiting (even if I could find 1 prim hinges somewhere) so i kept looking. Eventually I located a description on Google that made 3D sense to me - Triptych: a set of three associated artistic, literary or musical works intended to be appreciated together. Not even the mention of a frame, a panel or a hinge and lots of scope to be inventive. Whew! 

I decided to start building ... 

Below are a couple recent Triptych submissions. To see these and many more in world click here. And yes, I do have an entry - two in fact. One of them is a direct response to the 'framed' definition noted above. However you'll need to visit UWA to see them :) Feel free to explore and vote for your faves while you are there! 
The Artist's Studio by Krystali Robeni
Three Wise Maidens by Dusty Canning

10/07/2013 11:53pm

Art works have always been appreciated all over the world and this 3D art challenge is really going to be an excellent idea! I am sure that everyone would definitely enjoy this and the openings would turn out to be really useful for many!


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Was just looking for a site like this, thanks


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