The first thing that struck me when I arrived at the Metaverse installation by Daco Monday was the rich colours. A golden sunset soaked everything in the tones of dusk. The next thing I noticed was that there was lots to take in. There were unusual elements everywhere - skeleton hands holding paint brushes, desks, odd characters, clown-like fish, picture frames, mechanical skulls and more ... much more. Many of the components were over sized and had a toy box kind of feel to them. The colours of red and green predominated. 

There were items floating overhead too so, after stepping out of a giant chest of drawers I had been rummaging in, I flew around to see the rest. 
The upper level of Metarverse. Fly up to see.
So what is this installation all about? Daco Monday has provided us with the following rather cryptic description: 
Time, space, dimension
dimensions, micro, macro, global, universal
beyond ... you do not see
enter into a new dimension
in a new time, space
size, time, space
the telescope breaks time
shows the past
the entrance is an exit
like this the exit is an entrance
the web is a micro-global ...

Daco emphasises time and space which are both evident in this build. I'll let you interpret his meaning further when you visit Metaverse yourself! It's an interesting installation with lots of unique, fun elements to see. 


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