Once upon a time... 

This story starts long ago, back in November 2011 in fact, when I came across a beautiful SL machinima called Virtual Love by Iono Allen. It was heart moving. I played it repeatedly and even shared it on my Daydreamer blog. 
Now let's skip forward to today ... SL brings me much pleasure so I try to give a little something back when I can. I'd heard of a music box sale at the Art India Gallery, with all proceeds going to SOS Children India. I clicked the LM ... 

Landing on icy ground with snow drifts all around, I saw lots of music boxes of many different styles, shapes and sizes scattered here and there. The sounds reminded me of my childhood. I wandered around trying to decide which one to choose. They were all fantastic in their own, unique way. Each had a note card associated with it so I could see the designer's details. It didn't take me long to discover that they were by well known and respected SL artists. It was going to be a tough decision. 

My heart skipped a beat

Carmsie discovers the music box of her dreams!
I kept moving, looking and clicking note cards until ... OMG ... my heart skipped a beat. Tucked in a corner I found the music box featured in the Virtual Love machinima. Yes, the exact one! I couldn't believe it; it was like this was meant to be. 

I clicked the music box and to my surprise it was fully animated too. I won't tell you what the animations are, it will spoil the story for you but what I will say is they are poignant.
I extend my heart felt thanks to the wonderful designer, Josoane Sorciere for making it available.  

So now I'm the very proud and happy owner of this amazing music box. It's one of my SL treasures. I can't help feeling that this is karma in action - if we show goodness we will reap goodness. 

The music box sale only runs until 22nd January so if you'd like to buy one and, in turn, help the children of India you'd better visit soon! 

About the plight of Indian youth and SOS Children

47% per cent of Indian children under 3 years of age are malnourished. There continues to be high incidence of child labour and girls remain particularly disadvantaged. Although the caste system has been officially abolished, religious and social barriers still influence everyday life.

SOS Children is a very worthy cause. It began working in India in 1963 and today there are 40 SOS Children’s Villages. Over 6,000 once-destitute children now have a permanent family home. Additionally, more than fifty welfare, educational and medical facilities provide assistance for people in the wider community. 
Iono Allen
20/1/2013 07:29:30 pm

Thank you for your enthusiasm about my machinima Virtual Love!
I do appreciate when it is said like you did!

20/1/2013 08:34:31 pm

Awww Iono you are most welcome. It makes my heart all melty - it's a wonderful movie :)


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