I read about New Synthetic Theatre on Ziki Questi's blog and just had to try it for myself. This theatre makes you one of the actors in a 10 to 15 minute production. 

How does it work?
At the New Synthetic Theatre's arrival point, instructions were given to me in English via streaming sound (turn this on) and there were signs explaining how to set up my preferences (remove AO). In summary:
  • Buy a ticket for the "next show" at the arrival point (2 productions to choose from, L$50 or L$75)
  • Wear the ticket that's delivered to you and don't remove it until the show is over
  • Wait for the TP to the appropriate theatre be sent and click it when it arrives (this can take a little longer than expected, so be patient), then
  • Wear the hud that's given to you when you arrive.

The experience 
The production I saw was called 'Ninety Nine Percent'. I was expecting a fantasy story of some kind but it seemed to be a safety training tool for warehouse employees. Ironically, in real life, I'm an Instructional Designer (a fancy job title for someone who creates training programs for businesses), so I found it very interesting. My avi manoeuvred her way through a busy, animated warehouse. My task was to find as many safety hazards as I could. There were several - boxes fell from racks and I was run over by moving trolleys. I scored a point on my hud for each hazard I identified. 

It was interesting and cleverly done, but perhaps not everyone's cup of tea - especially if warehousing or logistics are not your 'thing'. I was the only ticket holder there at the time and can imagine it would be even more fun with others. Maybe you could go with a friend or two or three? 

Ziki mentioned that she found the other production 'Jabba, Jabba, Jabba' more engaging. I didn't see this one but perhaps it's more along the lines of what I initially expected, meaning story-based. Regardless of the plot, this new style of theatre is a fun, immersive experience and well worth checking out. 

Make your own!
The owners of New Synthetic Theatre also encourage you to create your own theatre production and are happy to offer those who are interested a degree of guidance and support. 


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