I'll be "peeking" at one exhibition, machinima screening or event from the LEA Arts Festival each day day this month, as long as real life allows me the time. 

The first of my peeks is the electrifying installation called JJCCCART

This build was an eye-opener for me. Just when you think you can identify an artist by their style they trip you up. Sheesh! That's what JJ has done here. That's if the owner of this neon-filled build is the JJ Coronet whose colourful artworks I've come to know and love. I'll assume it is and feel sure I'll be speedily admonished if I've got it wrong :)
The arrival point. Electrical poles and wires are recurring elements in this build
Two things struck me when I arrived here - bright, neon lights and cement - and these two themes proved to thread their way throughout the entire installation. The candy coloured lighting was a stark contrast to the concrete architecture. The overall atmosphere was close to, but not quite, industrial. I wonder if there's such a thing as candy-industrial? 
A sea of beautiful coloured lanterns
JJCCCART is a place you need to explore. Walk or fly through the various rooms to watch bright lights shown off in all their glory - flickering, blinking, turning on in sequence, glowing and more.  There's even a neon forest, so when you visit see if you can find it. Have fun! 
Surprises around every corner!


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