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An image from 'The Arrival' by Rose Borchovski. Photo courtesy of pallina60 Loon
My 5th LEA Arts Festival 'peek' is The Arrival by the acclaimed SL artist, Rose Borchovski. 

In a recent interview Rose revealed that this detailed build was inspired by her real life childhood experiences. 

She grew up in a seaside village and once every few years a small whale would be washed ashore, condemned to die a slow, sad death. It was the cause of much excitement throughout the village when this happened and left a great impression on Rose. This vivid recollection formed basis of the idea for The Arrival. 

Now I'm going to 'Peek Cheat' - but just a little. I wrote about The Arrival last month, so I'll refer you to that very enthusiastic blog post for further info, images and the SLurl to this incredible installation! 


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