My 9th LEA Arts Festival 'peek' is Skydance V. This is the 5th iteration of the spectacular, multi-media, performance-art piece directed by Dancoyte Antonelli (rl artist DC Spensley). It's breath taking! 
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The Suffola - an interstellar race who dance in the Heavens.
As soon as I arrived I realised this was not going to be typical a SL art event. 

The stunning 3000 metre long stage was way up in the SL heavens, with not a speck of ground in sight.  

DanCoyte, the art director, explained to me that this lofty position was deliberate.  He's a firm believer that SL artists have a great opportunity, even an obligation, to exploit the fact that there are no physical contraints (such as gravity) in our virtual environment. 

And exploit he has! The talented Zerog SkyDancers floated, twirled and flew through the performance, to the ethereal tunes created especially for the event by Josh Zamo. The choreography and music were exceptional. How they kept it all together I will never know. This production pushes the boundaries by drawing on the best features that SL offers. I've included a slide show to give you a glimmer of what you can expect to see ... 

The visuals are spectacular!

Good vs evil

So what's SkyDance V all about? Without giving too much away, I can tell you that the story centres around the butterfly-like Suffola who are a shy, peaceful, interstellar people. Their bliss is to dance forever in the depths of space ... but drama ensues! It's interactive too. As a member of the audience I was asked to vote on whether the Suffola or the bad guy won. 

To help me follow the storyline, the production was narrated and messages revealed themselves on screen via the Hud. The time passed so quickly I was astounded and a little sad that it came to an end. 

Reserving your seats

SkyDance V can only be seen for a few weeks and really should not be missed. Take some friends - they'll thank you for it! 
The show runs every Wednesday, 7pm to 8pm (SLT) until 27th March. For booking details refer to the 'SL Art Exhibits Schedule'. 


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