It has been a long time since I have posted on this blog. Why? It's a complicated story ... well not really, it's just life. Rather than paste my day-to-day diary here I suppose two main reasons sum it all up. Firstly, there was an issue in my family that required my full attention and devotion for a while. You know how nature can be, especially when she decides to kick, slap, bite, impose and make you cry a bit too. That accounts for quite a few months of my non-blogginess. I won't post details but i think you get the idea - it was a crappy time for one of my dearest family members. Bleh! 

Okayyy ... moving on ... the second reason is more positive in an odd kind of way. As you know this blog is all about SL art. I started it because I found myself in total awe of the SL artists and machinimatographers I discovered in my travels. Their amazing creativity and talent still hold me spellbound. With eyes open wide in admiration I visited, I took pics, I gasped, I listened, I watched, I took notes and I shared these works with you ... as best I could. I hope they raised awareness, brought some happiness and that a few of you even felt the awe that I experienced. I didn't manage to blog all - I had a longgggg list I did not have time to cover - sorry to those I missed.  

But while doing this 'reporting' something was happening to me. I don't want to make it sound all dramatic and stuff but it did feel that way. A hunger rose, a desire to try this for myself. Time was against me - real life stuff, 9 to 5+ work, family, commitments - you know the drill.  But I wanted to make art. I dabbled in smaller works when I could, then out of the blue I got the opportunity to take a break for a while. I was given the very, very rare gift of 'time'. This happened to coincide with the launch of UWA's latest 3D Art and Machinima Challenges, themed 'Reflections' and so the stars aligned. My mind was full of ideas ... I had time ...I started to plan... I worked with Struthious ... we created ... 
SL Art, Looking Back, 3D art, UWA 3D art challenge, Carmsie Melodie, 3D art, virtual art
'Looking Back' Part 1 of 3: Marion's Grave
And now the UWA Reflections Challenge is over. I feel I should be sharing my views about the best-of-the-best with you because these Challenges attracted some incredible entries. But I'm sorry I took no pics, I wrote no notes ... other than submitting my own piece, I just wandered around quietly absorbing all the 3D pieces and watching the machinimas at my leisure. As they are still on display for a limited time I encourage you to do this too. 

This blog is titled, Temporarily unavailable ... or more ...? That's because I'm not sure if I'll be blogging about SL art in the future - I may, I may not. I will endeavour to make more of my own SL art (time permitting), but real life is again imposing her will, making me face the mundane and challenges. So this is my way of saying ... stay tuned, maybe ... we'll see what transpires. Thank you so much for having been a reader of SL Art Exposed. If I can I will return ... time will tell. 
Before I sign off, below are a couple more pics of our Reflections entry, Looking Back. This work  centred around the often hidden issue of domestic violence. I hope it inspired viewers to have the strength and determination to speak out.  I'm also astounded and very proud to say that Looking Back was awarded equal 2nd prize with two other entries - these and others in the Challenge are must-see's. 

Please don't think I'm sharing my own pics here because I consider them the most worthy. Far from it - they are simply the only pics I took ... lol. Pleaseplease go see the other incredible entries in world before they are removed! As an enticer,  here's a link to a great online mag with pics and descriptions of all the 3D art entries. This was produced by UWA's very dedicated art curator, Freewee Ling and here's wonderful Aviview's links to all the machinima challengers. 

I close this blog with special thanks to UWA (Jayjay and Freewee) for the art/machinima challenges and to all of you arty folk for reading SL Art Exposed
 Carmsie :)
SL Art, Looking Back, 3D art, UWA 3D art challenge, Carmsie Melodie, 3D art, virtual art
'Looking Back' Part 2 of 3: A life remembered
SL Art, Looking Back, 3D art, UWA 3D art challenge, Carmsie Melodie, 3D art, virtual art
'Looking Back' Part 3 of 3: Marion's funeral


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