Last night I visited the dark, eerie world of Tim's Dream, a 3D art installation by the very talented Romy Nayar. Romy uses mesh to create uber surreal characters and places for us to explore in Second Life. As a child I suffered from nightmares but nothing like this! It sent shivers down my spine. I won't add too much text because there's a short Tim's Dream vid by Erythro Asimov on the Machinima page and this, coupled with the images below, convey more than I possibly can about this incredible build. 

If you'd like to experience Tim's Dream in an avi-to-nightmare way - and you really should - it can be found in world at MetaLES. Fly from scene to scene and immerse yourself in Romy's latest chilling fantasy. (Many thanks to Alvir for this recommendation.)

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