SL's Avenue Magazine is always a quality publication and January's edition is no exception. (To access Avenue online you'll need to sign up for an Issu account.)  It contains some great articles this month but there are a couple, in particular, I'd like to draw your attention to. They feature two of SL's most esteemed artists and profile the women behind the avatars. 
The Arrival - inspired by real life events
The Arrival  (page 255)
SL artist Rose Bochovski (real life Saskia Boddeke) speaks frankly about her installation, 'The Arrival' which I blogged earlier this month, explaining its origins and its meaning. 

Rose also provides insights into her real life art and its relationship to her SL work. 

Author: Quan Lavender  
Photography: Eve Kazan 

Imogen and the pigeons. Photo courtesy of Wuwai Chun (Flickr)
The Bryn Oh Art Project (page 265)
This article introduces Bryn Oh's latest installation, 'Imogen and the Pigeons' in the context of her larger body of virtual artworks and real life oil paintings. 

Like Rose Borchovski, Bryn's SL art - immersive 3D and machinima - have received international acclaim. 

Author: Flora Nordenskiold  
Photography: Bryn Oh and William Weaver

My thanks to Quan Lavender for the heads up on these articles. 


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