"Who killed the fish?" 

"The fish is big." 

Whether you're an SL art lover or not, if you haven't seen The Arrival by Rose Borchovski yet, make sure you do! It's one of those SL things you just don't want to miss. Along the back of a massive, tethered fish are a number of 'scenes', each of which constitutes a small work of art in its own right. There are elements in the water too that shouldn't be overlooked. This build has an eerie-cheery feel, even circus-like in parts. Having said that, the fish looks as if it might be regretting its arrival and not in a particularly festive mood. 

It won't do to be be shy around this strange, surreal 3D installation. I've visited a few times and I'm still finding details that I missed earlier. I'm also still blowing bubbles because of the bubble blower I was given to wear!  This work contains elements that you may have seen in others by Rose — eyes, fish, flying chairs, text and pigs. Of course you'll also come across her very cute, blue eyed Susa Bubbles, including little male counterparts. They are all concerned about, "who killed the fish?" 

Rose has included some teleports for you as part of the build. Certainly use these, but also fly around and move in close because the elements in each scene are astounding. Also please wear your headset (streaming off) as the sound is an important component of the overall experience. 

Have I used enough adjectives to convince you that The Arrival is a must-see? If not, the images below should give you the motivation you need. It's also listed on the SL Art Exhibits Schedule. Enjoy! 
The Arrival by Rose Borochovski
A Susa angel reaches to save a bottled Susa
"Who killed the fish?" "The fish is big."
The Arrival's arrival point

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